Blank,/Konyak1003415.html,Whole,Supply,Earth,Large,Tracker,Extra,$42,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,,Raindrop,-,Damascus Whole Earth Supply Extra Large Tracker Damascus - Cheap SALE Start Raindrop Blank $42 Whole Earth Supply Extra Large - Raindrop Damascus Tracker Blank Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Blank,/Konyak1003415.html,Whole,Supply,Earth,Large,Tracker,Extra,$42,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,,Raindrop,-,Damascus $42 Whole Earth Supply Extra Large - Raindrop Damascus Tracker Blank Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Whole Earth Supply Extra Large Tracker Damascus - Cheap SALE Start Raindrop Blank

Whole Earth Supply Be super welcome Extra Large Tracker Damascus - Cheap SALE Start Raindrop Blank

Whole Earth Supply Extra Large - Raindrop Damascus Tracker Blank


Whole Earth Supply Extra Large - Raindrop Damascus Tracker Blank

Product description

Important Notes: We also sell an extra large leather sheath that fits this item (sold separately). The sheath must say "EXTRA LARGE" in the title, in order to fit this blank. As this item is very large, we do not offer handle material that fits it. It will require 5-1/2" x 2" handle material, if you want to make the handle using just one piece on each side. You may, however, use several pieces of our 5" x 1.5" handle material to make up the handle.

This blade is handmade from 1095 high carbon steel and 15n20 alternating steel layers. As you may know, 1095 is a traditional and sought after American high carbon steel that is prized for knife blades. It is hardened to about 57-60 on the Rockwell C scale (HRC). This blade is a serious blade that will work well for hunting and fishing. It can be easily sharpened at home or in the field, and will hold an edge very well.

It is genuine layered damascus steel (not fake or imitation damascus).

Blank may require additional sharpening.


Extra Large Tracker Blade Style
12 inches Approximate Overall Length
5.875 inches Approximate Blade Length
5.5 inches Approximate Handle Length (please be aware that our handle material will not fit this handle!)
2.3 inches Widest Part of Blade
2 inches Widest Part of Handle
4-5mm (1/8 inch) Thick Approximately
Damascus Construction: 1095 High Carbon and 15n20 nickel
Raindrop Damascus Pattern
100-200 Layers of Damascus Steel
Blade comes sharpened. A final edge may be applied for an even sharper razor edge.

This is a stock photo of the item. It is not the exact blank you will receive. Pin hole size(s) and locations may vary. Each damascus pattern will vary and measurements may vary as each blank is hand-made.

Whole Earth Supply Extra Large - Raindrop Damascus Tracker Blank


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