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NHL Premium Carrier Special sale item Pet Max 54% OFF

NHL Premium Pet Carrier


NHL Premium Pet Carrier

Product description

Your favorite furry four-legged friend can join in with cheering on your favorite team with the L901 Premium Travel Pet Carrier by Denco. This stylish yet convenient pet carrier is a safe way to travel as it is made of lightweight polyester and fits comfortably under most airline seats while boasting your pet sufficient, non-compacted space. It features side zipper entry panel which is ideal for easy pet access and can accommodate pets up to 16 lbs. The plastic mesh panels on three sides provide excellent ventilation and pet visibility and includes a safety tether to hook. Another wonderful feature is that it has a removable washable fleece floor panel for comfort and structural stability. The pet carrier is easy to lift and carry so rest assure you can take your favorite teammate for a ride anytime. With a sturdy padded top handle; adjustable/detachable shoulder strap and a side sleeve that enables the carrier to slide onto the handle of your roller suitcase for easy transport within the airport. It features your favorite team logo and the zipper color matches the team’s primary color. Also includes a side zipper pocket for small items or your pets favorite treats!

From the manufacturer

Steelers Pet Carrier

Take your furry friend wherever you go in comfort and style with the Denco Premium Pet Carrier! This carrier features your choice of officially licensed NFL, NBA, NCAA, logo in dynamic color and quality. Constructed of ballistic nylon and breathable mesh, this carrier has it all including an extra pouch for treats! Order yours today!

NHL Premium Pet Carrier


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