$40 SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Halogen Equivalent, 3.5W, 120V, 270 Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Equivalent Ranking integrated 1st place 3.5W 120V 270 Halogen $40 SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Halogen Equivalent, 3.5W, 120V, 270 Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Equivalent Ranking integrated 1st place 3.5W 120V 270 Halogen Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,/diaplexal627393.html,GU10,Halogen,shingensui1930.com,SHINE,LED,Equivalent,,$40,Bulbs,270,120V,,HAI,3.5W,,40W Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,/diaplexal627393.html,GU10,Halogen,shingensui1930.com,SHINE,LED,Equivalent,,$40,Bulbs,270,120V,,HAI,3.5W,,40W

SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Equivalent Ranking integrated 1st place 3.5W 120V 270 Low price Halogen

SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Halogen Equivalent, 3.5W, 120V, 270


SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Halogen Equivalent, 3.5W, 120V, 270

Product Description



Quality LED light bulbs make SHINE HAI the perfect choice for everywhere in your home. SHINE HAI LED light bulbs are designed to look like traditional bulbs and enjoy energy savings with affordable multi-packs.

Brighter at a lower cost

Certified by CE, RoHS, the 3.5W GU10 LED light bulb is the perfect alternative for the traditional 50W halogen bulb. Not only save 93% cost of your electricity bill, but also save cost on light bulb purchasing and reduce the frequency of re-lamping because of the ultra-long lasting performance with over 20,000 hours' lifespan.

Widely application

Standard MR16 Shape with universal GU10 base, the GU10 LED light bulb can be easily screw in all standard GU10 cans fixtures without replacing the whole fixture. Outstanding heat dissipation light bulbs are ideal for general indoor lighting in living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway and much more applications. 


Wattage: 3.5-watt
Halogen light bulb equivalent: 50W
Input Voltage: 100-130VAC, 50/60Hz
CRI: 84
Luminous flux: 350lm
CCT: 2700K Warm White
Beam angle: 120 degree
Base type: GU10
LED lifespan: 20,000 hrs
Diameter 1.96 inch, Height:2.20 inch 
Product included: 

6 X GU10 LED light bulbs

SHINE HAI GU10 LED Bulbs 40W Halogen Equivalent, 3.5W, 120V, 270

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